Call to Action – ElmoVotes!

We are building a centralized election monitoring system. In all 50 of our United States, our voting infrastructure remains vulnerable to hacking from outside agents and even surreptitious removal of voters from state voter rolls.

Trained poll watchers see the results as citizens are turned away when attempting to vote on election day. We can empower poll watchers with electronic reporting tools that will deter such activity by exposing and quantifying patterns of voter suppression including:

    • Changes to the voter registration data resulting in voters being turned away at the polls.
    • Reporting of broken voting machines at the polls
    • Logging of claims of machines that change votes
    • Estimating the average time to cast a vote at each voting location.

Such data will also support legal action against perpetrators if hacking does occur. Timely, quantifiable data of voting irregularities can even prevent an election outcome from being certified. In North Carolina’s 9th congressional district, statistical evidence of abnormalities in absentee voting patterns supported an investigation into how those ballots were handled. That investigation resulted in the election board refusing to certify the vote (ref).

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