The Path Forward

To fully achieve success,  we must meet the following goals:

    • Scale software developed by the Carter Center to support real-time integration and validation of the data gathered in the US election of 2020.
    • Customize the forms and training of the poll watchers to assure compliance with the voting rules in each election district in the USA.
    • “Harden” the software and implementation to resist attempts at hacking or otherwise gaming the tracking effort.
    • Provide metrics on various forms of voter suppression or voter fraud that will speak to the appropriateness of certifying an election.
    • Create graphical tools to illustrate where suppression is occurring and which types of voters are being impacted.
    • Integrate with local emergency response teams on election day to minimize the impacts of systemic problems created by broken or problematic voting machines.
    • Provide an interface to news outlets that will support real-time coverage of voting irregularities during election night.